So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 50

1. What essential product does Spruce Pine provide the Masters golf tournament?

2. “They used to write in my studio bios that I was the daughter of a cotton farmer from Chapel Hill. Hell, baby, I was born on a tenant farm in Grabtown. How’s that grab ya? Grabtown, North Carolina. And it looks exactly the way it sounds.” — What actress thus described her roots?

3. In the event of nuclear war, where would the U.S. Supreme Court relocate?

4. What comedian considers a 1975 performance at the Hub Pub Club in Winston-Salem a turning point in his career?

5. What famous structure was made of metal curtain rods from Woolworth’s in Asheville?

Answers below





1. Quartz sand, a sparkling white byproduct of feldspar mining, is used to fill the bunkers at Augusta National.

2. Ava Gardner.

3. The Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

4. “While I was on stage doing my act to churchlike silence,” Steve Martin recalled, “a guy said to his date, loud enough that we all heard it, ‘I don’t understand any of this.’” A year later he was starring on “Saturday Night Live.”

5. Buckminster Fuller’s first successful geodesic dome, built at Black Mountain College in 1949.