New in the collection: WCTU ribbon

Ribbon for Woman's Christian Temperance Union

“The Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the most prominent temperance society in North Carolina after the Civil War, was organized at Greensboro in 1883 by Frances E. Willard, president of the national WCTU. Its wide range of reform programs included women suffrage, equal rights, child welfare, prison life, international arbitration, world peace, narcotics and tobacco control, child labor, juvenile delinquency, prostitution, and gambling. Two WCTU publications appeared in the state: the Anchor and the North Carolina White Ribbon.”
— From “Temperance Movement” (2006) by Wiley J. Williams in the Encyclopedia of North Carolina

Booklet from Woman's Christian Temperance Union meeting in Winston-Salem in November 1906
A booklet accompanying this ribbon from the 1906 state convention in Winston-Salem included the lyrics to “Prohibition Forever.”
“Hurrah, hurrah!
“Prohibition forever,
“Hurrah! hurrah!
“In the good Old North State.”

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