New in the collection: Winston-Salem newsboy apron

Apron with words "Complete News Coverage, Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel"
This apron was likely intended for use on a Winston-Salem street corner, but it’s way too clean to have seen much action.

Frank Tursi, author of “Winston-Salem: A History,” doesn’t recall seeing one during his 23 years at the Journal but suggests they might also have been worn in the composing room.


One thought on “New in the collection: Winston-Salem newsboy apron”

  1. Thanks to Charlie Elkins, another Winston-Salem Journal alum, for this recollection:
    “I think it’s much more likely that these were worn in the composing room, or even in the pressroom. They would keep ink off your clothes. I seem to remember seeing them many moons ago. I can’t imagine that the paperboys ever wore these. I carried papers for the Journal and the Sentinel when I was teenager, and I had a bag with similar markings. It would hold a good number of rolled-up papers, but you had to buy one from the Journal & Sentinel to use it….. I never had an apron like that in the photo.”

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