New in the collection: Carolina Beach decals

Two decals with words Carolina Beach, NC. One has an image of a woman sunbathing. The other has an image of a sailboat.

Carolina Beach was the answer for perhaps the most challenging of the Miscellany’s “Where the Heel?” competitions. Would it still be billed today as  “North Carolina’s largest beach resort town”?

I imagine these vivid tourist decals being displayed in a wire rack on a drugstore counter in the 1950s — just about the time Hurricane Hazel almost wiped out the town.

One thought on “New in the collection: Carolina Beach decals”

  1. We had our own “Hazel” drama to the South of Long Beach three miles from the North Carolina border and 35 miles inland from Ocean Drive Beach (now North Myrtle Beach, SC). I was nine years of age living with my parents and 14 year old brother in a farm house. Our house’s foundation shifted from the wind. We were without power for weeks and cooked on an open fire in our old smoke house. I remember seeing appliances etc. in the woods along the inland waterway on Hwy 9 and National Guardsmen with rifles standing on top of the dunes to ward off looters.

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