Mother and child

During a routine reference request I came across this charming but unidentified image from the Ingatious Wadsworth Brock Collection. “Nace” Brock was a photographer in Asheville who specialized in portraiture and scenics.

Although a posed image of a mother and child, it did strike me that throughout the years many of one’s childhood memories (or perhaps just mine) center around a bicycle. Learning to ride, removing the training wheels, and the sense of freedom that cycling provides and the desire to then teach one’s own children how to ride.

The cycle continues – pun intended.

Stone Walls

This ca. 1888 image shows one of the many stiles used to cross over the stone walls surrounding campus. The stone walls were constructed under the direction of Professor Elisha Mitchell in 1838 in an effort to enclose the campus and replace the rail fences currently in place. These walls were constructed in the New England fashion with the use of mortar and served the dual purpose of preventing live stock from grazing on campus grounds and to enhance the picturesque campus setting. The construction of the stone walls surrounding campus would continue until the 1850’s

Milestones this day in 1906.

On this day in 1906 the Football Rules Committee legalized the forward pass. Also, the Dow closed above 100 for the first time, coincidence ?


This 1901 game action photograph played at Emerson Field (site of present day Lenoir Dinning Hall) shows future journalist Louis Graves at quarterback, not sure if he ran the ball or handed it off.

Registering For Classes…Pre-Internet

For the start of a new academic year here’s a look back to a time before Student Central let you register for classes and order textbooks online. This photograph from the 1970s shows students in front of Woollen Gym waiting to register for Fall semester courses. You’ll still need to pick up your books in person, though. Welcome back!