Recipes from the collection – A little sherry goes a long way.

Outside of gelatin molds the number one recipe item I’ve seen thus far in searching through our cookbook collection is sherry.  You can’t go but a few pages without finding some recipe with a dash of sherry here or a cup of sherry there.  So grab your favorite bottle of sherry and try out a few of these recipes.

From The Charlotte Cookbook.

From The Junior Service League’s Chapel Hill Cook Book: Tried and Tested Recipes.

From Dixie Dishes.

From Carolina Cooking.

From High Hampton Hospitality.

Recipes from the collection in honor of National Something on a Stick Day.

There are a number of wacky food days out there and today happens to be one.  March 28 is National Something on a Stick Day.  Here are a few recipes from the North Carolina Collection stacks to help you celebrate.

From Carolina Cooking.

From A Taste of the Old and the New.

From Buffet Benny’s Family Cookbook : Recipes, Stories & Poems from the Appalachian Mountains.