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Egg Nog

This holiday season, don’t settle for store-bought egg nog. Make your own, the way they used to in eighteenth-century North Carolina. We found this recipe in William Attmore’s Journal of a Tour to North Carolina, 1787 (James Sprunt Historical Publications vol. 17 no. 2., 1922, pp. 42-43): Tuesday, December 25. This Morning according to North […]

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Presidents in Kernersville

Most of the media reports of President Bush’s speech yesterday in Kernersville noted that it was the first presidential visit in the town since George Washington passed through in 1791. Washington visited North Carolina on his tour of the southern states in the spring and summer of 1791, as part of his plan to visit […]

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This Month in North Carolina History News that the American colonies had declared independence from Great Britain finally reached North Carolina on July 22, 1776. One of the first orders of business in the newly independent state was the writing of a constitution. Elections for the Provincial Congress were held in October and, once elected, […]

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Our First State Constitution

The December This Month in North Carolina History feature looks at North Carolina’s first state constitution, adopted on December 18, 1776.

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Chicken Dispute

As a service to our readers, we want to point out that the North Carolina General Assembly has just amended the state law on cockfighting. As of today, “[a] person who instigates, promotes, conducts, is employed at, allows property under his ownership or control to be used for, participates as a spectator at, or profits […]

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