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The Durham Rose Bowl

Fans of the football teams at the major North Carolina universities may be scratching their heads in search of a connection between this state and tonight’s Rose Bowl game. Indeed, it’s been a while since a team from the Tar Heel state traveled to Pasadena: the last was Duke, who lost 7-3 to USC in […]

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The January 2006 This Month in North Carolina History feature looks at the work of Dorothea Dix in North Carolina and her role in establishing a facility for caring for mentally ill North Carolinians. The illustration of the hospital shown here is from a “Bird’s Eye View” map of Raleigh from the collections of the […]

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This Month in North Carolina History In the 1830s and 1840s the United States was swept by what one historian has described as a ferment of humanitarian reform. Temperance, penal reform, women’s rights, and the antislavery movement, among others, sought to focus public attention on social problems and agitated for improvement. Important among these reform […]

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