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Political Ephemera

Throughout this election season, I’ve been sharing some of the North Carolina Collection’s wonderful collection of political ephemera (I hope you’ve enjoyed). I’m sharing another piece today; the image to the right is a list of Republican Party candidates for state office in 1884. However, I’d also like to turn this posting into a solicitation […]

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Nick’s post earlier today reminded me of the photograph in the North Carolina County Collection you see above.  The caption on the back of the photograph reads, “Early and late method of grinding corn in Hyde Co N.C.  Mill on edge of lake Mattamuskeet.”  The photograph was donated by the family of Collier Cobb, who […]

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New Holland, N.C.

Some of my favorite maps in the North Carolina Maps project are maps of towns and communities that never existed. One of the most detailed by far is a map of New Holland, in Hyde County. Planned for the southern shore of Lake Mattamuskeet, New Holland was planned around 1910 by a company that wanted […]

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