New in the collection: Cheerwine soda jerk cap

“Generally,” Wikipedia explains, “soda jerks wore iconic white paper or cloth caps called ‘soda jerk caps,’ button-up shirts with a bow tie and an apron as their uniform….” In 1932 the White Castle hamburger chain, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, patented the style of paper hat worn by its employees and formed the Paperlynen Co. to … Continue reading “New in the collection: Cheerwine soda jerk cap”

Krispy Kreme + Cheerwine = Tasty?

Gourmands of North Carolina rejoice! Two of the state’s iconic, sweet concoctions have joined forces. Starting today, Krispy Kreme plans to sell Cheerwine-flavored, cream-filled doughnuts. Apparently Krispy Kreme customers have long clamored for the pairing. The alliance between the Winston-Salem baker and Salisbury soft drink manufacturer will last through at least July and you can … Continue reading “Krispy Kreme + Cheerwine = Tasty?”

Gettin’ Kitschy in the Kitchen with Cheerwine Cake

If you’ve ever wondered what your trusted staff is up to when they aren’t on the reference desk, it looks a little like this: Jason drinks a can of Cheerwine to supplement his “piece” of Cheerwine cake. Andy Griffith looks on with jealousy as Harry samples the cake. Not too long ago I had my … Continue reading “Gettin’ Kitschy in the Kitchen with Cheerwine Cake”

U-boat attack on coast? Improbable but not impossible

“….Just down Atlantic Avenue, a narrow four-block-long road from Kure (pronounced “Cure-ee”) Beach Fishing Pier, an old seaside cottage bears witness to a time when things weren’t all sunshine and Cheerwine along the Carolina coast. It was here on a July night in 1943 that a German U-Boat supposedly surfaced and fired shots at a … Continue reading “U-boat attack on coast? Improbable but not impossible”

Artifacts of the Month: Vintage regional soda bottles

Before the era of “Big Soda,” regional soft drinks occupied a greater share of retail shelves than they do today. Our November Artifacts of the Month offer a window into that time. We found these two rather ordinary looking vintage soda bottles last year at an antique store in Burlington, N.C.  These brands are no … Continue reading “Artifacts of the Month: Vintage regional soda bottles”

Celebrate ice cream this Sunday!

This Sunday is the third Sunday in July and that means ice cream!  Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with your favorite flavor. Ice Cream Poem from Kitchen kapers. Cheerwine Ice Cream from Cooking on the cutting edge. Peach Marshmallow Ice Cream from Given to hospitality : a cook book. Ice Cream (Milky Way) from Carolina cooking. … Continue reading “Celebrate ice cream this Sunday!”

You say, I say, we all say….Krispy Kreme brulee?

Given the unabashed enthusiasm Miscellany readers have shown for all things Krispy Kreme, I have to pass along this recipe from the Nose Dive Gastropub in Greenville, South Carolina. (Hat tip, Garden & Gun.) The essential instruction: “Puree the doughnuts and half-and-half…” I was surprised to find that Krispy Kreme’s own flavor inventory includes (or … Continue reading “You say, I say, we all say….Krispy Kreme brulee?”

Not-So-Soft Drink

While spending another enjoyable visit to the those two fine reference works, the South Carolina Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia of North Carolina, it struck me that my adopted state of North Carolina appears to have pulled substantially ahead of my native state of South Carolina in the important field of soft drinks. Cheerwine, a cherry … Continue reading “Not-So-Soft Drink”

Film, Fun, and Cherry Cola

I’ve never been to the Sundance Film Festival, but it sounds like fun. I imagine spending a strenuous day viewing independent films then dining well and relaxing by the fire in some cozy restaurant with a view of the snow-capped mountains and leisurely sipping a fine glass of . . . Cheerwine. That’s right, the … Continue reading “Film, Fun, and Cherry Cola”