‘North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky…’

“North Cack n. (Southern sl.) new school

“1. North Carolina. (var. North Caclalacka/Cackalacky/Click/Clicky, N. Cee)

“ex: ‘I’m about to make this run to North Cack.’ ”

—  From “Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage” by Randy Kearse (2006)

According to a feature in Saturday’s New York Times, “Mr. Kearse, 45, went from hustling crack cocaine as head of a multistate crew [based in North Carolina], to federal prison, to author and…  subway sales impresario.”

In 2005 the Miscellany came up empty in pursuit of the etymology of “Cackalacky” — might it be rooted in urban (i.e., black) slang?