Nazi leader gets cold shoulder at Wake Forest

[In 1967, American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln] Rockwell spoke at Wake Forest University, a North Carolina school with only 14 Jewish students…. The local Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith prepared by providing media and college officials  with background information on Rockwell, emphasizing his need for publicity.

“[According to an account in the ADL Bulletin], ‘Rockwell arrived. He spoke. There was no cheering, no jeering, no demonstrations, no anything — not even when he concluded his speech and stood staring expectantly at the audience. Finally one of the few Negro students at the college broke the silence: “I’d rather be a citizen of the United States the way it is than have it change the way you want it.” The student turned and left the auditorium — followed by the rest of the audience. There was no newspaper publicity about Rockwell’s appearance, no follow-ups by the college. To everyone except Rockwell it was as if it had never happened.’ ”

— From “American Fuehrer” by Frederick J. Simonelli (1999)