How Catfish Hunter paved way for Supermodels

Lauren [Hutton]: ‘We modeled by the hour before 1974 or 1975…. When the Revlon thing came, suddenly it was no longer about $60 an hour. I was getting $25,000 a day, and that was shocking.’

Paulina [Porizkova]: ‘How did that happen?’

Lauren: “I read an article about a sports guy named Catfish Hunter on the bottom right-hand corner of the New York Times front page one day. It said he was going to get a million-dollar contract….

” ‘It took six months to work out a contract [for me] that had never been worked out before, and basically all contracts [after that] were based on that.’

Paulina: ‘Lauren, I salute you….’ ”

— From an interview in Vogue magazine, cited by Malcolm Gladwell in “Talent Grab” (The New Yorker, Oct. 11, 2010)