In 1959, theirs was ‘a most unusual mission’

“A group of North Carolina businessmen is beginning a most unusual mission in Europe…. The businessmen will travel to England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and France to confer with industrialists who might be interested in building plants in their state.”
— From “North Carolina Turns To Europe as Luring Industry Gets Harder” in the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 5, 1959)


Industrial recruitment, 1943: We speak English only

“Nie Dym… Nessuno Fumo… Nem Szabad Pibalni…Me Tzukhek… No Fumen…No Smoking…

“One language is enough in North Carolina….

“Which is simply another way of saying that workers in North Carolina are 99% native-born, loyal Americans…. willing, efficient and cooperative. The supply is ample to take care of new industry moving to North Carolina.”

— From a 1943 magazine ad placed by the Commerce and Industry Division, Department of Conservation and Development