For answers to this quiz, just spin your color wheel

In recognition of the state’s rightly-beloved leaf season, here’s a quiz of many colors…. I’ll append answers tomorrow.

1. Color of Lucky Strike pack before World War II

2. Movie shot in Lumberton

3. Mecklenburg County native who scored from second base on Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”

4. UNC football coach between Dick Crum and Carl Torbush

5. Style of music exemplified by Caldwell County native Etta Baker

6. Pickle capital

7. Raleigh software innovator

8. Avant garde campus during 1930s

9. Double defeat of ACC basketball powers in Raleigh in 1979

10. Movie whose final scene was shot at Lake James

11. Tony Award-winning string band

12. Charlotte author of “Only in America”

13. White vigilantes in 1890s

14. Largest city in Triad

15. State salt water fish

16. Most notorious pirate

17. State’s favorite NFL team before Panthers

18. State mammal

19. Former House speaker and convicted felon

20. Former lieutenant governor and convicted felon

21. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco chairman who smoked cigarette on 1960 Time cover

22. Early name of UNC athletic teams

23. State’s most populous trout species

24. Movie filmed in Union County

25. State blue berry (Seriously!)


1. Green. (Change was touted as “Lucky Strike Green Has Gone to War,” supposedly to give military access to copper used in green ink. Not so – designers just thought white looked better.)

2. “Blue Velvet”

3. Whitey Lockman

4. Mack Brown

5. Piedmont Blues

6. Mount Olive

7. Red Hat

8. Black Mountain College

9. Black Sunday

10. “The Hunt for Red October”

11. Red Clay Ramblers

12. Harry Golden

13. Red Shirts

14. Greensboro

15. Red drum

16. Blackbeard

17. Washington Redskins

18. Eastern grey squirrel

19. Jim Black

20. Jimmy Green

21. Bowman Gray

22. White Phantoms

23. Brown trout

24. “The Color Purple”

25. Blueberry