New in the collection: James Taylor album poster, 1979

Poster with an image of James Taylor and the words James Taylor Flag

“The James Taylor who gazes out from the gatefold of Flag is an emaciated, jaundiced Yankee eccentric glaring at us with cold, eagle-eyed skepticism. The picture is almost the negative of the movie-star-glamorous photo on the cover of JT, the album that marked Taylor’s corporate switch from Warner Bros. to Columbia in 1978.

“But the aesthetic shift from last year’s debonair to this year’s dour isn’t just a gimmick. Whereas the material and tone of JT suggested a similar mellowing of Taylor’s personality, Flag‘s thorny songs and hard, tense arrangements bear witness to the stark and piercing artwork.”

— From“Flag” by Stephen Holden in Rolling Stone (June 28, 1979)

I’m imagining this 3-foot by 4-foot poster less fittingly in a dorm room than in a Record Bar ….