If link dump’s all wet, don’t blame the rain

The last word on Tar Heel Bread?

Philanthropic apples drop far from High Point tree.

— Was Asheville really part of  Walt Disney‘s world?

Whistling’s “electric Dylan” moment.

— Unlikely Confederates:  Sons of Chang and Eng.

— One less drive-in movie, one more display lot for metal buildings and carports.

— Wouldn’t  Thad Eure get a laugh out of the rise of ramps in ritzy restaurants?

‘I’ll take the heel — um, on second thought….’

Pin back featuring Mickey Mouse for Tar Heel Bread

The Mickey Mouse watch made a memorable, Macy’s-jamming debut in 1933, but it wasn’t the only Depression-era consumer product calling on the mouse’s clout. Pinback buttons such as this one promoted dozens of  bread and milk brands (as well as “undies,” “hose,” radios,  peanut butter and dental hygiene). This postcard suggests how kids played the Globe Trotters game.

Hard to imagine Tar Heel Bread holding any appeal beyond North Carolina. Does anyone know who baked it — or maybe even ate it?