Claimants aplenty for ‘World’s Largest Frying Pan’

“You’d think it’d be a simple thing to identify the world’s largest frying pan, but there are six in the United States alone that make that audacious claim….

“Located in southeastern North Carolina, Rose Hill is a hamlet of 1,330 people [that] claims to possess the World’s Largest Frying Pan. It is actually a working appliance, used several times a year to fry chicken for festivals. According to Roadside America, the thing also smells bad when you approach it, like rancid grease. It holds 200 gallons of cooking oil, uses 40 gas burners, and can hold 365 chickens at one time….”

— From “The World’s Largest Frying Pan — Er, Six of Them” b

Although reviews at Roadside America are decidedly mixed, I doubt you’ll hear many complaints from regulars at the North Carolina Poultry Jubilee (Oct. 2-3).