Sidney C. Tapp. The Struggle. New York: A. Wessels Co., 1906.

It is a stretch to call this a North Carolina novel. Over a hundred pages are set in the boardrooms of Manhattan. The author’s goal is to reveal the way trusts, corporations, and large banks manipulate the commercial and political systems, to the detriment of the the average citizen. After the plans of the robber barons are put into place, the extended Shelton family is ruined. One of the few rays of hope for ordinary people is the Democratic Convention of North Carolina where the “representative of the people” achieves some victories. The heroic figure of the convention is the Hon. William Fitchen, who is thought to be modeled on Congressman and North Carolina Governor W.W. Kitchin.

Check this title’s availability and access an online copy through the UNC-Chapel Hill Library Catalog.

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