Janet and Ron Benrey. Grits and Glory. New York: Steeple Hill Books, 2008.

When a hurricane blows through town it knocks the steeple off the roof of the Glory Community Church and onto a Storm Channel broadcast van. The weather reporter and camera man inside are injured and one town resident is killed. Town officials blame the church’s administrator, Ann Trask, both because she was in charge of the building and because an incident in her past seems to demonstrate a lack of good judgment under pressure. However, it may be that the victim succumbed to murder rather than the storm. As Ann and camera man Sean Miller try to solve the mystery, they find romance and Ann rediscovers parts of her faith. This is the third of the the Benreys’ series of books set in the fictional Glory, NC, all three of which are part of Steeple Hill Books’ larger “Love Inspired Suspense” series.

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