Alice J. Wisler. Rain Song. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House, 2008.

Nicole Michelin lives a quiet life in Mount Olive.  Nicole’s parents were missionaries in Japan when her mother died.  Nicole remembers very little about their time there, but she has an abiding aversion to all things relating to Japan.  Nicole’s a school teacher now, happy to help out her grandmother and aunt who had so much to do with raising her.  Work, family, and an interest tropical fish–this fills up Nicole’s life.  Things start to change when a man in Japan responds to one of Nicole’s columns on the Pretty Fish website.  Harrison wants to meet Nicole and asks her to come to Japan.  Although hesitant to accept, Nicole senses that this is a chance both to deal with the tragedy of her childhood and to explore a different future. Nicole’s faith and her grandmother help Nicole take this big leap.  Nicole is a likable character; the first person narrative draws the reader into her story.

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