Roy E. Young. The Governor’s Prisoner. Fayetteville, NC: Old Mountain Press, 1999.

Even a good man can make a bad mistake.  When a drunken college student runs a stop sign and kills Wadus Strickland’s son, Strickland responds by beating the driver and his passenger with his son’s baseball bat.  The driver has political connections and Strickland doesn’t mount a defense, so he is sentenced to twenty six years in Central Prison. This is meant to be hard time, but Strickland’s personal disciple, open-mindedness, and wisdom help him navigate prison life.  He does well when he is assigned to work at the Governor’s mansion, and he becomes involved in the life of the governor and his family.  This is more than the story of one man’s redemption; it is a novel of how one person’s positive influence can reshape the lives of many people.

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