Alexander Key. Escape to Witch Mountain. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1968.

Tony and Tia are teenagers with special powers: Tony is telekinetic and Tia–who speaks using an ultrasonic communication only her brother can hear–can unlock doors and talk to animals. Unfortunately, they also have no idea where they came from and after their foster “Granny” dies the teens are sent to a bleak juvenile detention home. When a creepy man shows up falsely claiming to be their uncle, the children begin to remember their history and they run away. Following a map they find in Tia’s star box, they travel toward Witch Mountain in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, hoping to find answers at the end of their journey. Helping them along the way are the kindly Father O’Day and Tia’s cat, Winkie. To date, Escape to Witch Mountain has inspired 5 films: Escape to Witch Mountain (1975, remade in 1995), Return to Witch Mountain (1978), Beyond Witch Mountain (1982), and Race to Witch Mountain (2009).

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