James Alexander Protzman. Jesus Swept. Crawfordville, FL: Kitsune Books, 2008.

In 99 short chapters, Jesus Swept follows three very different groups of people as they make their way through the world. Gary, Luke, and Mark live in Gary’s Airstream. They travel around, sweeping parking lots for money, and switching off being Jesus. Liz Forsythe is the Director of the Development at Duke University and is married to Frank, who is keeping his failing health from her. Hook and Sinker are teenage siblings struggling against both troubled childhoods and bad current circumstances. Initially the characters are connected by a mysterious silver bracelet that seems to speak to them about the threads of the universe. Gary finds it first, but is lost and found several times. Eventually, other connections form between the characters and a “bumpersticker philosophy”–do good, be nice, have fun–emerges as the book’s main theme.

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