Susan S. Kelly. How Close We Come. Wilmington, NC: Banks Channel Books, 1997.

Ruth and Priscilla (Pril) were friends and neighbors for a decade. The women came and went in each other’s houses without knocking, they traveled together, their children played together, and they traded babysitters, advice, and confidences.  Pril knew that Ruth was worldly, a bit unconventional.  Despite their differences, the two women shared an uncommon emotional intimacy. Or so Pril thought.  When Ruth inexplicably leaves her husband and her home in Greensboro, Pril is stunned. She had no sense of Ruth’s unhappiness and no warning of what Ruth was about to do.  Pril’s private sorrow turns to alarm when Ruth’s husband subpoenas Pril to testify in the custody hearing for the children he and Ruth share.  As Pril prepares for her role in the case, she reviews her friendship with Ruth.  This is Susan Kelly’s first novel; posts for her later novels are also on this blog.

Check this title’s availability in the UNC-Chapel Hill Library catalog.

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