Tamela Hancock Murray. Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina. Bloomington, MN: Summerside Press, 2009.

The two cousins who come to stay with their aunt in Maiden, North Carolina couldn’t be more different. Selene is a beautiful, but shallow, flapper.  After his wife died, Selene’s wealthy father gallivanted around the world, leaving Selene in the care of governesses and other hired help.  When Selene finds herself pregnant, she is sent to live with her Aunt Louisa until the baby is born.  Selene’s country-mouse cousin, Hestia, is already in Maiden, caring for Aunt Louisa after the older woman breaks her hip.  The two cousin clash–about styles, leisure time pursuits, values, and the handsome Booth Barrington.  Selene sees Booth as the solution to her awkward situation.  Given how wickedly he tormented her when they were children, Hestia is surprised to see what a fine man Booth has become.  She’s now drawn to him because of his good looks and Christian values, but she feels she is no match for Selene.  As the fall turns into winter, the main characters learn from Aunt Louisa, her friends, and other good people in the little town.  When spring arrives both Selene and Hestia have made peace with the past and found love.

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