L. C. Evans. Jobless Recovery. Coral Springs, FL: Llumina Press, 2005.

Dave Griffin is a young man from the North Carolina mountains. After graduating from NC State, he gets a job with a large conglomerate in a city a lot like Charlotte. He has a house in the suburbs and a girlfriend who knows all the right people.  His life looks good until his company decides to replace their American programmers with cheaper workers from India.  Joe Tremain is a FBI agent who is a let go by the agency after he sustains a disabling head injury.  Both men soon find out that the American safety net doesn’t cover the basics of everyday life.  After a chance meeting with Joe’s daughter, Lark, Dave comes to live with the Tremains.  The two men have an uneasy relationship, even as Joe draws the younger man into his schemes and Dave falls in love with Lark.

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