Gina Farago. Ivy Cole and the Moon. Greensboro, NC: NeDeo Press, 2005.

First a few animals–cattle and then pigs–were savagely killed by an unknown assailant. The people in the town of Doe Springs assumed the assailant was a wild animal, the kind that live in the nearby mountains.  Then people started to die in the same manner, and the townsfolk begin to fear that a human–or superhuman–killer is in their midst. Ivy Cole knows that they’re right, because she’s that killer.  Ivy is a werewolf, but she has the power to control herself, and she attacks only people who she thinks deserve to die.  But soon Ivy’s world is turned upside down when people close to her begin to die, and it’s clear that she’s not the only murderer in Doe Springs. Ivy needs to find that other killer before Sheriff Gloria Hubbard and an outside expert find out about her powers.

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