Leigh Bridger. Soul Catcher. Memphis, TN: Bell Bridge Books, 2009.

Livia Belane has lived many lives, but this current one is among the worst. Demons have picked off her family, and Livia has been accused of the fire that killed her mother and brother.  Back in Asheville after a time in an institution, Livia wants only to survive and take revenge on the demon who has tormented her.  Her inclination is to go it alone, but after she is brutally raped, she finds that Asheville is full of souls–young and old–who help her.  The most important of these is Ian, her husband in a previous life and true soul-mate.  Unfortunately, Ian’s soul now resides in the body of Livia’s assailant. Violent incidents from past and present lives pile up; nothing will be easy for Livia as she tries to beat the demon called Pig Face.

Leigh Bridger is the pen name of Deborah Smith, who is best known for her novels The Crossroads Cafe, A Place to Call Home, and On Bear Mountain.

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