Elizabeth McDavid Jones. The Night Flyers. New York: Windmill Books, 2010.

It is 1918, and the United States is involved in the Great War. Pam Lowder’s father is fighting in Europe and has left her in charge of his carrier pigeons. These birds are unique because Pam and her father have trained them to fly at night.

One day, a stranger with a foreign accent arrives in town. Some people suspect that he is a German spy. Pam is surprised when he approaches her with the offer to buy her pigeons for $200. Although the money would help her family in many ways, Pam cannot part with her beloved pigeons and declines the offer.

When her prized birds begin disappearing, Pam wonders if her neighbors in Currituck, North Carolina, are right about this man. Is he stealing the birds to help with the enemy’s war effort? Pam courageously investigates to get to the bottom of the mystery – and to find her pigeons.

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