Julie Hyzy. Grace under Pressure. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2010.

If ever there was the time for Grace Wheaton to prove herself during her probationary period as Assistant Curator of Marshfield Manor, here it is. Screaming right in her face. What started as a regular day at her new job at the crown jewel of Emberstowne, North Carolina, ended with Grace trying to calm down a deranged visitor in the fancy tearoom, the Birdcage. Sadly, the day also included in the murder of Grace’s boss. With new responsibilities – and power – to keep the manor and museum running smoothly in the wake of this tragedy, Grace tries to help the overworked police get to the bottom of why anyone would want to kill the easy-going and respected curator. She immediately suspects that the true target was the estate’s owner, Bennett Marshfield, who had just testified against someone accused of running a Ponzi scheme. As Grace uncovers important clues, she also discovers long-buried family secrets. Exposing any of them could cost her her job – or even her life.

Grace Under Pressure is the first novel in the “Manor House Mystery” series.

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