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Patrick Hillman. The Pirates of Pamlico Sound. Morrisville, NC:, 2007.

This brief novel was written during National Novel Writing Month in 2005.  It’s a fantasy that plays with the idea that all women love pirates.  Aithne Reade was a witch who escaped from Salem in 1692.  Aithne made her way to coastal North Carolina where her daughter Brenna grew up and fell in love with the pirate Red Davies.  Their happiness was cut short, and Brenna remains a restless spirit through the centuries.  When Bernice Sarris and her husband buy an old chest at an auction, Bernice finds within it Brenna’s diary and clothes that have some special properties.  Bernice is delighted by what the pirate jacket in the trunk does for husband’s sexual prowess (nice woman that she is, she even lends the jacket to her friends), but she is unprepared for consequences of wearing Brenna’s dress. The chapters in this book alternate between the colonial era and the present, but the two stories are woven together in a satisfying tale.

Check this title’s availability in the UNC-Chapel Hill Library catalog.

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