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Henry Joe Liverman. Taking Stock: Life and Death at Juniper Bay. Columbia, NC: Sweet Bay Tree Books, 2001.

When a baby is coming, preparations can keep the whole family busy.  In Juniper Bay, North Carolina, three children are born around Christmas 1924, much to the delight of their families.  For two of the grandfathers, however, their attention is on making plans for another life event: their deaths.  Carson Calhoun and Titus Paine know that their time is near, so they begin to make arrangements for their families and their legacies.  In the midst of the joy that comes with new life, Carson and Titus are coming to terms with the end of their time on earth with their families.  As the two men make their wishes known, readers are introduced to the colorful townspeople of tiny Juniper Bay.

Furr County is a fictitious place, thought to be based on Tyrrell County.

Taking Stock: Life and Death at Juniper Bay was meant to be the first in the “Juniper Bay” series, but the author died unexpectedly in 2003 before any other books were published.

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