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Karen Rose. Don’t Tell. New York: Warner Forever, 2006.

The abuse that Mary Grace Winters suffered at the hands of her husband, an Asheville cop, was so horrific that she faked her death to escape him.  Assuming a new identity, she has built a life for herself and her son in Chicago.  After almost a decade, Mary Grace, now Caroline Stewart, is about to finish college and take a chance on love.  When police in Tennessee find the car that Mary Grace escaped in, it reignites her husband’s fury.  He uses his guile and his professional contacts to track her down, even as his on on-the-job brutality catches up with him.  The action moves back and forth between Asheville and Chicago.

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Karen Rose. Have You Seen Her? New York: Warner Books, 2004.

Special Agent Steven Thatcher is on the trail of a serial killer who is targeting cheerleaders in the fictional Raleigh suburb of Pineville. In between chasing criminals, Thatcher, a widower, finds time to care for his three sons. Worried about his eldest son, he meets with the boy’s teacher, Jenna Marshall, and the sparks fly. Their romantic involvement becomes especially complicated when it turns out that the killer may be eyeing Jenna as his next victim.

Check this title’s availability in the UNC Library Catalog.

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