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Scott J. Toney. Hearts of Avon. United States: Breakwater Harbor Books, 2013.

Caroline Lilly made a mistake getting involved with John.  She was in high school when they met; John was a bit older and Caroline was flattered that he would take an interest in a young woman like her.  At first he was gallant and loving, but then he turned controlling and even violent.  To get away from John, Caroline and her mother leave Pittsburgh and head to the Outer Banks for a long vacation.  Caroline’s Aunt Suzie has a house on the beach at Avon.  The women are going there to paint the house, talk, and just enjoy some time together.

Ben is a different kind of painter. He and his father, Mason, are landscape painters who make a good living selling their artwork up and down the coast.  A chance encounter on the beach brings Ben into Caroline’s world, as he protects her from John and helps her to heal after Hurricane Irene tears up the Outer Banks and upends both their worlds.

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