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Robert C. Weber. Block Castle: An Outer Banks Mystery. Baltimore, MD: PublishAmerica, 2004.

Tom Dixon’s memories of his childhood are painful ones–no mother, a drunken, angry father, a fire that destroys the only home he’d known, and then years in an orphanage.  All this unhappiness and poverty stands in contrast to the natural beauty of the Outer Banks and the imposing Block Castle that loomed over the shore a short distance from Dixon’s miserable house.

After being released from prison in Tennessee, Dixon on impulse returns to the Outer Banks.  He learns that the locals think that he started the fire that killed his father.  Dixon can’t accept that, but when he starts to dig into his past, he’s told by one and all that “there are some things in life that are best left alone.”   As Dixon pieces together memories of his childhood with research in old newspapers and courthouse records, and bits of information from the few old timers who will speak to him, he uncovers his true heritage and secrets that a powerful family wanted to keep hidden.

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