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James Boyd. Marching On. New York: Scribner’s Sons, 1927.

James Boyd followed up the success of his Revolutionary War novel, Drums, with this novel, set during the 1860s.

James Fraser, a descendant of the hero of Drums, is the son of a small farmer with land along the Cape Fear River.  Even as he sees that the cards are stacked against small landowners like his family, James falls in love with Stewart Prevost, the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner.  Frustrated in love and with his economic prospects, James goes to Wilmington.  Once the Civil War begins, James joins the Confederate army and becomes part of Stonewall Jackson’s army.  He is capture by the Yankees but is freed just as the tide of war turns in the North’s favor.  After making his way back home, he attempts to protect the Prevost plantation. In that he fails, but the war has both changed the Prevost family fortunes and their daughter’s opinion of James.

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Luther Little. Manse Dwellers. Charlotte: Presbyterian Standard Pub. Co., 1927.

A simple, readable novel of the life of James West, a minister in a large Southern city, Tarrytown (possibly Charlotte).  The account covers Rev. West’s life, including his early years, but focuses chiefly on the challenges that he faces as the pastor of a large church–dissent among the deacons, finances that don’t match programming, demands of the denomination for more support, an assistant who strays from orthodoxy, and jealousy in the hearts of other clergy.  Incidents in the lives of his parishioners form subplots.

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