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Haunted North Carolina


Does the ghost of Blackbeard haunt the North Carolina shore? “Haunted North Carolina” exhibit tells no lies.

Ghostly and ghoulish tales of the Old North State will be on view in Wilson Library during October as part of a hallway display. Just in time for Halloween, “Haunted North Carolina” uses books, photographs, letters, and news clippings from the North Carolina Collection to showcase the state’s eeriest specters.

The Ghost Train at Bostian Bridge

If you’re traveling through Statesville, North Carolina, on a summer night, you may witness a horrifying train wreck. The sound of passengers screaming may lure you to a ghastly scene of bodies and mangled train cars, only to disappear when you approach. This is what happened to one woman in 1941, 50 years to the day after a train wreck in that exact location. Will the train make a special appearance on Bostian Bridge this year?

The Legend of Peter Dromgoole

A tourist attraction for Chapel Hill visitors, Gimghoul Castle was once the backdrop for a gruesome tale of love and lives lost. In the 1830s, two young suitors dueled there over a woman named Fanny. Visit the exhibit to see who won the duel, and whose heartbroken ghost is reported to haunt the area.

The MysteriouMaco Light

In 1867, Joe Baldwin, a Brunswick County railroad employee, waved his lantern at an oncoming train in Maco, North Carolina, as a warning that he was in a car stranded on the tracks. The oncoming train slowed too late, hurtling into the car and decapitating Joe. For the next century, a mysterious light was reported around the community of Maco. Was it Joe’s lingering spirit?

Teach’s Light and the Ghost of Blackbeard

The infamous Edward Teach, popularly known as Blackbeard, is said to haunt the coast of Ocracoke Island. Mysterious lights have been seen near Blackbeard’s final resting place, luring people to his treasure. But where exactly is the treasure chest? And what fate awaits those who try to find it? Visit the exhibit to find out.

“Haunted North Carolina” will be in Wilson Library through the end of October. Look for display cases in the hallway to the right, off the lobby.


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