Congratulations to UNC Chapel Hill Graduates!

Patton PR6019.O9 U4 1922 superv’d

Last weekend was graduation.  Students and their families and friends celebrated on campus. And more than a few wandered into Wilson to experience its amazing architecture in the Grand Reading Room, as well as some of the amazing books RBC holds. Among the treasures from UNC alumni on view were the Hanes Book of Hours (Bruges, mid-15th century), bequest of Dr. Frederic Hanes (B.A. 1903); James Joyce’s Ulysses (Paris: Shakespeare and Company, 1922), gift of Mary M. Patton and James R. Pattton (A.B. 1948); and Washington Irving’s notebooks of his Tour in Scotland, 1817, gift of Preston Davie (L.L.D., 1946), a collateral descendant of UNC founder William Richardson Davie.

The display underscored our wishes for our graduates. May they experience good fortune and beautiful books in their odysseys to come!