Holiday in the Stacks: It's a postcard! It's a 78! It's both!

20002_Archie Green Papers_FD_1289_RosemaryClooney_flexi_Southern Folklife Collection_001Southern Folklife Collection audio engineer, John Loy, found this amazing postcard/78 rpm disc in the Archie Green Papers (20002) just last month. Serendipity! Notice the grooves and the center hole in the middle of the windshield. We were amazed by the sound quality and the excellent condition considering folklorist Pete Tamony, Archie’s mentor, received this in the mail 60 years ago. Listen to this special message from Ford Motors as sung by the great Rosemary Clooney backed by the Mitch Miller Orchestra. May you all be well this holiday season, whether you take Rosemary Clooney’s advice or not. We wish you enjoyment and year-round satisfaction no matter what. One more post from the 2015 “Holiday in the Stacks” tomorrow so be sure to check back in with Field Trip South. FD1289_PM_LC_20002_Archie Green Papers_FD_1289_RosemaryClooney_flexi_Southern Folklife Collection_00120002_Archie Green Papers_FD_1289_RosemaryClooney_flexi_Southern Folklife Collection_002

Holiday in the Stacks: Dale Evans and Clancey

The “Holiday in the Stacks” continues with two more holiday 78 rpm discs. First Dale Evans and the Roy Rogers Riders and Orchestra with a reindeer tune that plays off almost every Christmas trope they could fit in under two minutes. 78_13339_PM_LC
On a totally different track, a holiday vignette from “Clancey’s”. Originally recorded and released on cylinder in 1908, “Christmas Morning at Clancey’s” chronicles the morning festivities of an Irish family in turn of the century New York. 78_17782_PM_LC
Check in tomorrow for a special message from Rosemary Clooney and Ford motors.

Holiday in the Stacks: Sonny Boy Wlliamson and Clarence Williams

78_12536_SonnyBoysChristmasBlues_78_13931_Christmas in Harlem_SFC_
As mentioned in our first post from the 2015 “Holiday in the Stacks,” we are excited to share some of the Southern Folklife Collection’s holiday themed 78rpm discs. First up, maybe two of the best.
First, blues giant Sonny Boy Williamson (nee Alex Ford) with “Sonny Boy’s Christmas Blues” from 78-12536. Released on Mississippi’s Trumpet Records in 1951, it’s a tough number about a bummer christmas of drunken remorse (but with some great tape echo effects on Williamson’s voice). For more on Trumpet Records, see this excellent post from musicologist, archivist, and former SFC cataloger Jessica Wood. Listen to the track here:78_12536_PM_LC__SonnyBoysChristmasBlues_SFC
Next up a more upbeat celebration of the holiday, although also heavy on the booze, from a Vocalion disc released in 1934, the great jazz composer, bandleader, and music publisher, Clarence Williams and his orchestra, featuring Chick Bullock on the vocals. Listen to 78-13931 here. 78_13931_Christmas in Harlem
Coming up, Dale Evans sings about 8 tiny reindeer, Rosemary Clooney and Ford wish you a Merry Christmas, and Oscar and Lonzo twist up some holiday classics.

Holiday in the stacks: cards from the Sailors' Union of the Pacific

20002_ArchieGreenPapers_F3823_Holiday Cards_Sailors Union of the Pacific_Southern Folklife Collection_01Running toward the finish line of 2015, it’s been a great year at the Southern Folklife Collection. We pulled a bunch of items to share with you all over the next two weeks for our annual “Holiday in the Stacks” feature. Can’t wait for you to hear some of the 78 rpm discs we pulled so be sure to come back to Field Trip South to hear some special tunes. 20002_F3823_Sailors Union of the Pacific_xmas_Archie Green Papers_Southern Folklife Collection_005
But first, a tribute to the workers of the world. Archie Green worked with countless unions and labor organizers over the years, but I beleive as he was a Journeyman Shipwright and a sailor in the Navy, that the sea always held a special place in his heart. So in honor of Archie and all those who help to move the material goods that make the world go round, we pulled these holiday cards from the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific from Folder 3823 in the Archie Green Papers (20002)20002_ArchieGreenPapers_F3823_Holiday Cards_Sailors Union of the Pacific_Southern Folklife Collection_02