Sharing a “Juneteenth” post from UNC Press Blog

Friday marked the commemoration of “Juneteenth” — the day that commemorates June 19, 1865, when slaves in the Galveston, Texas, area heard a proclamation of freedom read by Union General Gordon Granger.

This morning we read a great blog post from our friends at UNC Press that gives a great explanation of the history of Juneteenth and the tradition of “Emancipation Day.” This (re)post was written by William A. Blair, professor of U.S. history and director of the George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center at the Pennsylvania State University. We thought we’d pass it along.

Link to post: “Juneteenth, Emancipation, and the Proclamation” (links out to the UNC Press Blog)

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  1. Nice post! Blair’s mention of freedom celebrations in parts of coastal S.C. and Ga. freed early in the war made me think of the Penn School on St. Helena’s Island, S.C., and the wonderful and extensive papers, photographs, and audio recordings of same in the SHC. Are there records there of these early celebrations? And BIll Blair is an SHC user!

  2. Juneteenth is not really celebrated that much in Louisiana. We know about it but don’t break out the grill for it. I only heard about it when I lived in Texas for a few years. Those guys throw block parties !

  3. Great to hear that freedom is still being celebrated. Being a person of colour, and coming from a relatively young democracy like South Africa, I have a full appreciation for what human rights and emancipation means.

  4. our liberty and freedom has been threatened since the begining of time , whats new ?

    Prof Barry Powell

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