Recipe for Apple Jelly

Recipe for Apple Jelly
Recipe for Apple Jelly

I came across a great little handwritten book of recipes today.  It comes from the SHC’s Stephen D. Heard Papers.  The volume (dated 1828-1867), which belonged to Mrs. Anna Edgar of Augusta, Georgia, includes recipes for such dishes as orange pudding and roast, as well as remedies for dysentery, a formula for whitewash, and a “recipe for knitted lace.” (What a combination!)  I thought I would share one especially enticing recipe here.  If anyone out there gives it a shot, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Apple Jelly

Fill your skillet half full of apples without paring or cutting them, then fill it up with clean water. Let them boil untill perfectly soft.  Take off the liquid as clean as possible.  If any pieces of apple should be in it strain through a piece of muslin, then add one tb. of Sugar to a quart of water. Let it boil very fast untill it is a thick syrup.  Pour it into moulds or Jars.  Be careful that it does not boil high as that will make it cloudy.

2 thoughts on “Recipe for Apple Jelly”

  1. That’s true. You never know with these old recipes. They can often be cryptic or unclear in measurements of ingredients or in explaining the steps. Relatively speaking, this one seems somewhat straightforward.

    I should note that the word “tb.” in the line “then add one tb. of Sugar” is a bit questionable. It’s pretty hard to read due to the fact that it was crossed out. Is it possible that the cook meant “lb.” as in “pound of sugar”? A tablespoon would seem like it wouldn’t be sweet enough but a pound of sugar – wow! that would be sugar overload.

    Any guesses out there?

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