Legacy finding aids update

A new batch of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

Salisbury Book Club Records, #4054

Oprah has nothing on these ladies (yet). The collection includes descriptive and detailed minutes of monthly meetings of a women’s book club in Salisbury, N.C., for thirty-three years, with only a few gaps, including book lists, accounts of programs, notes on discussions of cultural interest and on social matters, and indications of the spirit and atmosphere of the meetings, the charm of the hostesses’ arrangements, and other matters.

Emily Louise Pollard Papers, #4106

Emily Louise Pollard (1896-1972) traveled extensively, visiting Europe, 1913, 1924, 1926, and 1951, and California, 1917. The collection includes diaries and letters written by Pollard while traveling; letters concerning life in Chapel Hill, N.C., 1939-1941; poems and other writings by Pollard and her brother, Edward Bagby Pollard Junior, of Chapel Hill, N.C.; and miscellaneous volumes, including collected eulogies honoring Emily Pollard.

Riddick Family Papers, #4120

Members of the Riddick family include Wallace C. Riddick (1864-1942), professor of civil engineering and administrator at North Carolina State College, Raleigh, N.C., 1892-1937; his nephew, Ivy G. Riddick (1890-1956), an agent of the British-American Tobacco Company, Shanghai, China, 1918-1943; and Ivy Riddick’s wife, Margaret Riddick. Wallace Riddick’s material consists largely of items relating to land he bought and sold in Wake County, N.C., but includes some items relating to N.C. State College and engineering education. Papers of Ivy Riddick and his wife include personal letters discussing conditions in Shanghai and the Philippines, 1939-1943, and some items relating to Riddick’s employment by the British-American Tobacco Company. Also included are photograph albums and scrapbooks kept by the Riddicks in China.

Hubert Samuel Robinson Diaries and Scrapbooks, #4123

Hubert Samuel Robinson (1893-1972) was a chauffeur, butler, and gardener, 1932-1949, for the family of Frank Porter Graham, president of the University of North Carolina. Robinson was also a custodian, 1950-1966, at the University of North Carolina, a civic and political leader, and the first black alderman of Chapel Hill, N.C. The collection includes pocket diaries, 1929-1969, and scrapbooks, 1912-1964, containing clippings, correspondence, and memorabilia of Hubert S. Robinson Senior. The diaries contain very brief, almost daily entries, chiefly concerning Robinson’s work, his church, civic, social, and political activities, events in Chapel Hill, University sports events and other University occasions, family matters, and national news.

A complete list of all updated and posted legacy finding aids can be found here.