Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted online. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

Elizabeth S. Martin Papers, #1023-z

Elizabeth S. Martin (fl. 1841-1849) was a resident of Pocotaligo, S.C. Her cousin, Ellen Galt Martin (fl. 1841-1849), lost her ability to hear and speak when she was four or five years old. The collection contains letters to Elizabeth S. Martin from Ellen Galt Martin in New Orleans, La., concerning the latter’s schooling, travels to the North, attempted cures, local events, and family news.

Calvin Stowell Books, #1117-z

Calvin Stowell (born 1836) was a newspaper writer, federal soldier in the Civil War, and state legislator of Illinois. The collection includes a diary and two scrapbooks. The diary, 1856, contains records of daily activities and events at Oberlin College, where Stowell was a student, January-May, records of farm work and other activities near Chillicothe, Ill., May-August, and personal financial accounts, January-July. The scrapbooks contain clippings of descriptive articles Stowell wrote between 1910 and 1912 about race relations, Confederate memorial activities, and other matters in Savannah, Ga.; a description of Stowell’s Civil War service with the 11th Illinois Infantry; a few Civil War letters; a few later letters; and other items.

James Fountain Heustis Logbooks, #1199-z

James Fountain Heustis (died 1891) of Cahaba, Ala., was a surgeon in the United States navy. The collection includes books kept by Heustis as surgeon on the “John Adams,” including notes on weather, work, the ship’s position, prescriptions, quarterly reports of cases of illness on board, medical notes, poems, and notes on church history. The logbooks were kept while Heustis’s ship was stationed near Norfolk, Va., at sea, and cruising off the west coast of Africa.

Trenholm Family Papers, #1238

William Lee Trenholm (1836-1901) of Charleston, S.C., was a banker and Comptroller of the Currency of the United States, 1886-1889. His daughter, Kate Trenholm Abrams of Washington, D.C., was active in the women’s suffrage movement and an organizer of the District of Columbia branch of the League of Women Voters. Her daughter, Katherine T. Abrams, was chief yeoman, Fitness Report Section, Bureau of Navigation, United States Navy Department. The collection includes six essays or speeches by Colonel William Lee Trenholm about the South, “King Cotton,” the silver issue, and other matters; a play and other papers by Kate Trenholm Abrams; a scrapbook of invitations, calling cards, etc.; and a scrapbook of World War I correspondence, photographs (including one of Josephus Daniels), memorabilia, and other items of Katherine T. Abrams.

Charles K. Gallagher Papers, #1569-z

Charles K. Gallagher (1833-1893) was a druggist who during the Civil War served as captain of a Beaufort County company in the 4th North Carolina Regiment, Confederate States of America. The collection includes Civil War papers, mainly military, of Gallagher while serving in Virginia. Items include enlistment papers, papers relating to Gallagher’s exchange as a prisoner of war in 1862, commissions, passes, orders, the roster of the regiment, and items relating to Gallagher’s release from service because of deafness in 1864. Also included is a pocket diary kept by Gallagher on a trip to France in 1859, with notes on dining, wines, and wine-making, and a letter on wines written from Reims.

A complete list of all updated and encoded finding aids can be found here.

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