Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted online. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

W. D. Robinson Papers, #1214

Confidential files and correspondence of W. D. Robinson (1865-1945), legislative correspondent and roving reporter in Louisiana and Mississippi for New Orleans newspapers. The files contain memoranda in the 1920s and 1930s (chiefly 1930-1935) about the activities of Huey Pierce Long and his associates, mostly in regard to alleged malfeasance. A smaller number of items are concerned with the Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana and Mississippi in the early 1920s, in particular the “Mer Rouge Murders” in Morehouse Parish, La. Correspondence is with leading political figures in Louisiana and Mississippi, concerning opposition to Long and also other political issues. Among those represented are Huey P. Long, Julius T. Long, Pat Harrison, Theodore G. Bilbo, John M. Parker, Louis M. Howe, Stephen Early, John Y. Saunders, J. N. Sandlin, Mike Sennett Connor, Paul N. Cyr, and Hugh White. Also present are broadsides, pamphlets, newspapers, judicial proceedings, and other printed matter about Long or the Klan, and five scrapbooks of clippings about politics in the two states, 1916-1932.

William D. Chipley Book, #1841-z

Book of autographs of fellow prisoners and songs and poems by various authors, collected by Chipley, an officer in the 9th Kentucky Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America, while he was a prisoner at Johnson’s Island, Ohio.

Otway B. Norvell Papers, #1921-z

Account (37 pages), written in 1891, by Norvell of his experiences, 1863-1865, as a Confederate prisoner in federal Camp Douglas near Chicago, Ill. Norvell was one of Morgan’s raiders (2nd Kentucky Cavalry) and was captured in Ohio in 1863. Also included is a contemporary handwritten transcription (4 pages) of charges against conspirators who allegedly planned to attack Camp Douglas in 1864.

Farm Diaries, #2165-z

A volume of farm records from Terrell County, Ga., 1889-1905, with short entries on farm activities; and an unrelated volume from Princess Anne County, Va., 1821, recording farm work, inventories of household furnishings, tools, livestock, purchases, and other memoranda.

A complete list of all updated and encoded finding aids can be found here.

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