Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded finding aids has just been posted online. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

James Pleasant Mason Diary, #495

James Pleasant Mason (1827-1893) was a Baptist minister and farmer of Orange County, N.C. The collection is Mason’s diary, dealing mainly with activities on his farm, which was later bequeathed to the University of North Carolina. The diary contains a very detailed account of Mason’s daily life, including his routines of eating and sleeping, his preaching, and the daily tasks of farming.

William Downs MacGregor Notes, #3891-z

William Downs MacGregor (1826-1907) was a Scottish immigrant to New York who worked as a press correspondent during the Civil War. The collection includes a booklet of mounted notes by MacGregor defending the competence of newspaper writers covering the Civil War in reply to an attack on their reliability by General Henry Warner Slocum, of the United States Army. MacGregor’s notes are undated, but apparently were written soon after the war.

Delta Cooperative Farm Papers, #3892-z

Delta Cooperative Farm of Rochdale, Miss., was a philanthropically supported endeavor founded in 1936 to help southern agricultural labrorers out of their economic plight. Interracial efforts on the farm were primarily interested in establishing economic equality between African Americans and whites who worked together for equal wages. The collection contains material related to Delta Cooperative Farm collected by Paul J. Vanderwood, journalist for the Memphis, Tenn., “Press-Scimitar” including articles, clippings, and other items; notes made by Vanderwood; and letters, 1964, to Vanderwood from David R. Minter, physician and head of the Delta Cooperative Farm medical clinic, and Constance Rumbough recounting in some detail their experiences as workers at the farm in the 1930s.

Farish R. Betton Papers, #3939

Farish R. Betton was the vice president of the National Agricultural Workers Union at St. Louis, Mo. The collection includes letters received by Betton from Harry Leland Mitchell and others, concerning the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and its successor organizations, and related printed material.

Chapel Hill Bird Club Records, #4081

The Chapel Hill Bird Club was organized in Chapel Hill, N.C., in 1938. The collection includes minutes, financial records, correspondence, bird lists, mimeographed bulletins, and reports and advertising received by the Club; letters, 1975-1976, from William W. Thomas Junior, of Peking, China, and Joe Jones of Albany, Ga., recounting the history of the Club; and other items.

A complete list of all updated and encoded legacy finding aids can be found here.

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