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Presely Jackson Mangum Family, Mangum Family Papers (#483)

Long at the center of inquiry into the history and culture of the American South, the Southern Historical Collection (SHC) documents this region with its massive holdings of unique, primary source materials: letters, diaries, oral histories, photographs, sound recordings, financial records, literary manuscripts, and items in many other formats.These original documents reveal the lives of farmers, homemakers, tradespeople, industrial workers, plantation owners, enslaved people, entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, activists, lawyers, physicians, and many thousands of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.

The SHC’s collections offer strong documentation of all periods of southern history since the late eighteenth century: the colonial and Revolutionary periods (though less fully than the others), the antebellum plantation era, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the New South, the Jim Crow South, and the South in the second half of the twentieth century. Subject strengths range widely, but especially prominent are early nineteenth-century plantation culture, Confederate leadership and battles on both sides in the American Civil War, politics and political activism, religious experience, rural life, southern literature, African American life, journalism, business, and family relations. Among the most heavily used materials are thousands of oral history interviews in the Southern Oral History Program Collection with individuals ranging from business leaders to textile workers.

Located in Wilson Library, the SHC welcomes all researchers, ranging from academic historians to those imbued with a simple curiosity about our past. We look forward to seeing you in our reading room.


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Image Information: Presley Jackson Mangum Family, P-483/57, in the Mangum Family Papers (#483)

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