Oct. 27 – Witness for Peace vigil

Lightning visited for twenty minutes. We talked about the campaign. And I went to bed early.

October 27

Good news and not-so-good news today.

Rain, mostly light, much of the day. And cool.

Went through another Natalia Ginzburg essay.

Ate pancakes at the Waffle Shop.

Knocked on the doors at Northampton Plaza.

(Yesterday Mother called, to suggest that Bobby come down here with her at Thanksgiving.)

The squirrels (I don’t know how many) have moved back into 6 Cobb Terrace.

The South Orange Black Caucus has endorsed me, along with Nancy Preston and the two black candidates. I am pleased.

And I got good press from my ethic-in-government proposal.

Participated briefly (in the rain) in a Witness for Peace vigil.

Picked up my new (somewhat larger) posters.

There is just one week until Election Day.

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