Oct. 28 – Did various campaign tasks. Put up my house as bond…

Talked with Mike three times this evening.

Lightning called in with more campaign help.

The last candidates’ forum, sponsored by Student Government, was the worst for me. Brian Bailey, Student Body President, asked me a moderately hostile question. And too much of the forum was taken up with narrow student interests, such as the noise ordinance and the proposed entertainment tax. I was disheartened, especially so since an endorsement is forthcoming from this student group. I’ll just have to work harder.

Back at home I talked to Mike for the third time and then stuffed envelopes for a campaign mailing.

October 28

Read a few paragraphs in Natalia Ginzburg.

After the rain, today was a lovely fall day.

Ate at the Waffle Shop.

Did various campaign tasks.

Put up my house as bond to get Dale McKinley and five other anti-C.I.A. demonstrators out of jail.

Knocked on doors in southeastern East Franklin Precinct and ____ Vance and McCauley Streets.

Mike and I put up some signs.

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