New Collections (11 July 2008)

Adkins, Davis, and Fulton Family Papers (#5230)

The collection contains family papers of the related Adkins, Davis, and Fulton families. Correspondence includes letters to and from Hiram Adkins, Emily Caroline Davis Adkins, and their children. There is also correspondence of James William Davis and other Davis family members. Letters discuss family affairs; life in Stokes County, N.C.; finances; and travel. There is also correspondence among the children of Mary Ann Davis Fulton and Wilson Fulton, and letters to Mary Ann Davis Fulton, living in Texas, from her siblings James William Davis and Luretta Campbell Davis in Stokes County, mainly discussing family affairs. Other materials include deeds and probate materials; a 1921 notebook, author unknown, documenting business travel around North Carolina possibly selling insurance; an account book listing family names and insurance information; bills and receipts for lumber mills run by Adkins and Davis family members; and a list of parishioners and financial records of the chapel on Davis property. There are also annotated typed transcriptions of family letters and research notes compiled by J. Daniel Mahar in 2005, donor-generated compact discs that duplicate some items in the collection and may include additional items, and other items.

Brian Bain Collection of Materials on Shalom Y’all (#5331)

The collection consists of elements pertaining to the making of the documentary film Shalom Y’all by Brian Bain, including video footage, photographic stills, audio materials, scripts and other documents, and photographs taken during filming; research materials; business files; and promotional materials. Video footage includes road tapes of raw footage, archival tapes, vignette footage, assembly cuts, original and final trailers, and credit rolls. Audio elements include composer dubs, voice-overs, sound effects, swelltones, music, addons, loops, sound effects, pickups, and papers briefly describing portions of the audio material and printed drafts of the film script with annotated audio cuts. Scripts and other materials include electronic versions of the script and the screen credits, as well as other documents related to the making of the film. There are several hundred printed photographs and accompanying negatives taken during the filming of the documentary. Subjects include interviewees and locations featured in the film, the cast and crew, traveling and filming, and events and openings. Research materials are photographs and videos collected by Bain while conducting research for the film. Images in the photographic research materials cover a wide time span and include subjects such as southern Jewish businesses, Jewish homes, and temples; celebrations, religious ceremonies, and other gatherings; southern Jews and civil rights; individual and family portraits; and other subjects. Research video materials pertain to research done before filming of the documentary, covering a range of subjects from Mardi Gras to civil rights to college football. Research film footage also includes Shalom Y’all scout tapes. Business files consist of correspondence and other papers related to grants, loans, expense accounts, film credits, the official film logos and posters, copyright, and public relations. Promotional materials are newspaper clippings related to the film; film festival schedules and film posters; correspondence related to the opening and showing of the film; digtial photographs and negatives of related merchandise; and press passes for film openings.

Independent Weekly Records (#5319)

The Independent Weekly is a free, alternative, weekly newspaper serving the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and surrounding communities in central North Carolina. It was founded in 1983 in Durham by Steve Schewel, David Birkhead, and Katherine Fulton. The Independent Weekly is perhaps best known for its coverage of local music, film, visual arts, theater, dance, and pop culture, as well as for its strong focus on progressive politics and social activism. The collection is chiefly photographs, 1982-2004, from the Independent Weekly, including images published in the newspaper; unpublished production images of scenes, events, subjects, and organizations throughout North Carolina; images of individuals–chiefly politicians, artists, musicians, local activists, and civic leaders–such as Mike Easley, John Edwards, Harvey Gantt, Jesse Helms, Jim Hunt, Bill Bell, and others; images created by staff photographer Sadie Bridger; photographs of the newspaper’s staff; and other images. There is also one slide reel (with slides) and a transcript for an Independent Weekly promotional slideshow. The collection also contains papers relating to early efforts to establish a statewide progressive newspaper in North Carolina and the founding of the Independent Weekly (first as the North Carolina Independent, then as the Independent) in the early 1980s, along with correspondence, notes, clippings, and other business and financial materials of the paper.

Robert H. Moore Audiocassettes (#5355-z)

The collection of history and literature professor Robert H. Moore includes audio recordings of William Faulkner’s April 1962 remarks at the United States Military Academy (with an introduction by William C. Westmoreland), conversations between Moore and Faulkner scholar James B. Meriwether, Ralph Ellison’s 1969 remarks at the United States Military Academy, Moore’s reading of several Kurt Vonnegut articles that appeared in the New York Times, and conversations among United States Military Academy professors and others who were also Vietnam War veterans regarding their perspectives on the war. A more detailed description of the content and context of each tape has been provided by the donor. Note that original cassette titles have, for the most part, been retained.